IDB LAW FIRM, a law firm specializing in investment and business, where convergence of lawyers, experts, leading consultants in Vietnam in the field of investment and business law. With a team of dynamic, well-trained, experienced and passionate lawyers, we are always ready to meet your requirements.
Come to IDB LAW FIRM, customers will be served professionally and consulted by lawyers and experts in the field of investment law and business, M&A. IDB LAW FIRM has been stepping towards professionalism by specialized consultants in (i) investing and (ii) doing business in our key areas of practice:
- M&A;
- Real Estate;
- Retail; and
- International commerce.

Throughout its operations, IDB LAW FIRM has developed and maintained close relationships with competent authorities from the central to the local level. With the prestige and professional responsibility, IDB LAW FIRM is committed to always accompany the business to support, advise and offer the most effective legal solutions to help customers achieve the expectation targets  in every business decision.